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Best Stocks For October 2023

It’s also no coincidence that the world’s largest food company by revenue is a dividend stalwart. This European Dividend Aristocrat has a quarter-century of stable or rising payouts to its name. Nevertheless, the integrated energy giant sure had a heck of a run. Over the past 30 years, amid cycles of oil booms and oil busts, XOM generated more than $437 billion in wealth. Shareholders can thank the company’s policy of regular dividend increases for much of that windfall.

It sells industrial equipment and tools, and provides other services such as helping companies manage inventory. Earnings, meanwhile, are forecast to grow an at an average annual pace of almost 14% for the next five years, according to data from Thomson Reuters. The firm traces its roots back to the late 1700s and began operating as the State Street Deposit & Trust Co. in 1891.

Demand for products such as Charmin toilet paper, Crest toothpaste, Tide laundry detergent, Pampers diapers and Gillette razors tends to remain stable in both good times and bad. Well more than 60 consecutive years of annual dividend hikes – PG is a member of the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats – also helped smooth out the ups and downs of the business cycle. Swiss healthcare giant Roche (RHHBY) is the world’s largest pharmaceutical diy financial advisor: a simple solution to build your wealth company by market value, and the second-largest by trailing 12-month revenue. The holding company also has a large diagnostics business, but it’s the pharma division – and its leadership in cancer treatments – that gets the most attention from global investors. Coca-Cola was one of the best-performing stocks over the 20th century as the company built up a number of competitive advantages in beverages.

#6: Altria

Pinterest is a place where people go to find things they might want to buy, and it hired e-commerce veteran Bill Ready as its CEO in 2022 to accelerate its pivot. It could take a while for the company to truly realize its e-commerce potential, but it is making impressive progress, and long-term investors could be handsomely rewarded. Recent results show that Pinterest’s growth has resumed, with the user base growing by 8% year over year to 465 million in the second quarter of 2023. There’s still lots of long-term user growth potential, and management recently said that growth is re-accelerating. Chappell maintained a buy rating on FDX and raised his price target to $291 from $276, saying that FDX remains his top pick.

  • Although price appreciation did much of the heavy lifting, dividends played a key role in wealth creation, as well.
  • While the company has certainly had its ups and downs over the years, it has managed to be a great investment for investors that want their portfolios to stand the test of time.
  • For example, in its most recent quarter (ending on Aug. 31), Adobe’s digital experience segment had $1.2 billion in revenue.
  • The stock has nearly tripled in value over the last 10 years, but shares face increasing pressure as viewers cut the cable cord and turn to other forms of entertainment.
  • The range of products PepsiCo provides is actually broader than that of the Coca-Cola company.

In this article, I’ll discuss 10 stocks that I think could be great buys in 2023 for long-term investors looking to put their money to work. However, the current scenario also offers an opportunity to pick stocks that could generate attractive returns despite short-term pressures. However, if you’re looking to earn the returns of the index, it’s vital that you hold the index fund through the ups and downs, giving the investment the time to ride out the volatility. Otherwise, you’ll probably end up selling low and buying high, as the index gyrates. Sure, these stocks may continue to go up for a while (or not), but doing this research allows you to confidently judge whether to invest. Inevitably, even the best stocks go down sometimes, so you’ll need your knowledge to decide whether to stick with the company or sell.

Crude Oil

The stock’s performance reflects that uncertainty; Exxon’s share price is lower today than it was a decade ago. So, with the most profitable U.S. common stock investments over the past two decades covering such a wide range of industries, is there anything they have in common that made them so successful? It’s had to find one on the surface, as these companies also run the gamut from financially stable to highly leveraged, and from new upstarts to longtime players changing up their game.

#6 – Apple (AAPL)

Samsung washers, dryers and refrigerators are likewise major brand ambassadors helping to drive top-line growth. The company, which trades only on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, is the world’s largest beverage company, with a market value of roughly U.S. $345 billion. Diageo (DEO) is a distant second with less than half its Chinese counterpart’s market cap. A strategy of acquisitions, strategic alliances and investments has helped keep Roche’s pipeline full of blockbuster drugs.

But what really set Apple on its course to becoming the world’s largest publicly traded company – and the greatest wealth creator of the past 30 years – was the 2007 debut of the iPhone. Google parent Alphabet (GOOGL) has certainly made the most of its relatively short time as a publicly traded company. Partly that’s due to the Dow component’s defensive characteristics.

S&P 500

Along the way it beefed up its businesses by buying or merging with MetraHealth, HealthWise of America and AmeriChoice, among many others. The company’s OptumRx subsidiary is one of the largest pharmacy benefits managers in the U.S. Shares are up 326% over the past five years vs. just 89% for the S&P 500. UnitedHealth Group was added to the Dow in 2012, replacing Kraft Foods. United Technologies is an industrial conglomerate that makes a huge range of products.

Specifically, 96% of searches on Pinterest are unbranded, providing advertisers a huge opportunity to target users, with more than 50% of them using the platform to shop. Impressed with the quarter’s print, Deutsche Bank analyst xcritical platform review Brad Zelnick boosted his price target for ADBE stock to $610 from $550 and reaffirmed a buy rating. The analyst said the results reinforce his view of Adobe as a winner in an emerging generative artificial intelligence world.

Today, Berkshire is Wells Fargo’s largest shareholder with a nearly 10% stake worth more than $29 billion. Like most of Buffett’s moves, this investment has worked out pretty well over the long haul. Wells Fargo’s stock crashed hard during last decade’s financial crisis but has since gone on to rise six-fold despite a fake-accounts scandal that cost the CEO his job. Pepsi, the cola drink, was created in the late 19th century by a North Carolina pharmacist. Pepsi, the modern-day company, was created in 1965 by the merger of Pepsi-Cola and Frito-Lay to form PepsiCo. Like the rest of the industry, it has responded by expanding its offerings of non-carbonated beverages.

XOM might not repeat as a top stock of the next 30 years, but it could still be a solid buy-and-hold pick if the dividend hikes keep coming. Intel (INTC) has been one of the best stocks of the past 30 years, but it’s hard to see the semiconductor maker extending that record for another 30 years. Back in the day, NVDA’s primary market consisted of PC and console video game enthusiasts. Advocates of buy-and-hold index investing have a fresh batch of powerful evidence supporting the wisdom of their ways, new research shows.

The company has a long and eventful history that dates to its founding in 1888. Abbott first paid a dividend in 1924, and it has raised its payout annual for the spectre.ai blockchain-based platform review last 46 years in a row. Its many decades as a dividend-paying public company have certainly attributed to the extraordinary lifetime returns of its stock.

With a diverse collection of media entertainment platforms, Disney continues to be an incredibly popular investment. These remarkable companies have carved their way to success in many different ways, and we are going to explore their background as we proceed through this list.

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