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ATTENTION     University of Rochester and RIT students and parents:  We are now accepting storage reservations.  Click on Create Reservation.
Spring Storage:  If you need storage for the spring semester, please create a reservation.  Due to the early move out this year, there is no additional charge for the spring storage semester.  The spring storage term is from Nov 15 to April 30th.  The storage rate is at the list price.  In addition, if you plan to store for a second consecutive term, the price is list price less a 20% discount.  Upon move out there will be a $30 out of normal pick up fee.
Rochester College Storage FAQs


General Questions:

What does "Rochester College Storage powered by The UPS Store" mean?

The UPS Store in Henrietta & Victor storage services is called Rochester College Storage. We have been servicing area colleges for over a decade. Parents and students have relied on us to pack, store and ship items during college move-out and throughout the year.

We offer college students (and parents) an easy and very affordable way to store their college items in a secure storage facility. This alleviates parents from loading their car with college items that will sit in the garage only to be loaded back in the car a few months later.

What services does Rochester College Storage provide?

Rochester College Storage provides affordable storage for your personal items in a secure facility. We offer free curbside pickup* and delivery* to your on-campus or off-campus location, and we supply boxes, tape, bubble wrap and labels, which are included in the storage cost. We can also package and ship any items that you wish to take with you.

How does Rochester College Storage work?

Simply reserve your storage space by completing a reservation form online. No credit card is required to reserve your space – we'll collect payment when we drop off your packing supplies. You'll be able to specify your preferred pickup date and location when you make your reservation. We'll contact you to confirm your reservation and arrange a time about 7 days before your pick-up date to drop off the boxes, tape, bubble wrap and labels you'll need.

Once we pick up your items, we'll store them in our secure facility until the agreed upon delivery date. (If you don't know your return date or move-in date yet, don't worry – just let us know your delivery date once you've finalized your plans for summer storage. We will contact you a few weeks prior to the beginning of the semester.) Please contact us if your plans change during the storage term and you need an earlier delivery date, a longer storage term, access to your belongings, or some or all of your stored.

If you need items sent to a remote location, we can help you with that. You will always be able to reach us at 585-427-8080 or info@rochestercollegestorage.com

Packing / Supply Questions:

Do my items need to be boxed/packaged?

We prefer all items to be packaged properly. However, some irregular items (e.g. ironing board) may not need to be boxed. Larger items such as beds and desks do not need to be packaged. If you have a question as to whether an item needs to be packaged, please call us for our expert advice.

Are packing supplies included in the storage price?

Yes. Our storage rates include boxes (where needed), tape, bubble wrap and labels.

Can I use other boxes besides the ones provided by Rochester College Storage powered by The UPS Store?

Yes. You may use your boxes, provided they are in good condition and sturdy enough to safely contain your belongings.

Will you have extra boxes available at pickup time?

Yes. If you find that you've underestimated how many boxes you need, just let us know. We can bring additional boxes to your pickup or arrange to have them delivered to you before your pickup, if possible. If you store more (or fewer) items than indicated at the time of your reservation, your final invoice will be based on the actual number of items stored, provided you return the boxes you do not use.

Storage Questions:

Can I store my electronics?

Yes, just be sure to securely pack them! The most common error made in packing electronics is failing to properly protect the contents within the packing container. When this happens, shocks received on the outside of the carton can pass through to the electronics, causing damage. You should consider the following suggestions when packing your electronics for shipping and storage:

  • Use the original boxes and packing materials to pack computers and other electronics to help ensure the safety of contents.
  • Use bubble wrap to fill open spaces and cushion your electronics. Make certain that boxes are securely taped and that your electronics do not slide, shake, or otherwise move around inside the box.

Can I store furniture?

Yes. Rochester College Storage can store your furniture and other miscellaneous items including microwaves, refrigerators, bikes, trunks, rugs, bookshelves, futons, filing cabinets, and more. If you don't find your item listed, note it in the comment box when you submit your form and we will provide a price quote when we contact you to confirm your reservation.

Do you have restrictions on the types of things that can be stored?

Yes. Rochester College Storage cannot accept hazardous materials, liquids, jewelry, cash, or other valuables. All packages must be packed appropriately and in accordance with our packing guidelines.

Do you offer extended storage, if studying abroad or out of town for an internship?

Yes. Rochester College Storage can store and return your belongings at any time of the year. Our pricing is divided into 3 terms:

  • 4/26 to 9/5 
  • 9/1 to 1/31 
  • 12/15 to 4/30

Can I access or pickup my belongings while in storage?

Yes. If you find you need access to your items before the agreed upon delivery date, please contact The UPS Store in Henrietta at 585-427-8080, and we will arrange to get them to you. Additional charges will apply.

Pick-up / Delivery Questions:

Do you offer inside dorm room and inside apartment delivery?

Yes, when you schedule your delivery, please let us know if you will need a dorm room or inside apartment delivery. This service is available for an additional fee of $25 which includes up to 6 items. Each additional item is $5 per item.

Where and how will my packing supplies be delivered?

For U of RRITMCCNazareth, and St. John Fisher we have selected specific dates for the delivery of boxes and packing materials.*
For SUNY Brockport and SUNY Geneseo we will arrange a drop-off time with you about a week before your storage pickup.

If you are not available on the box delivery date, we will schedule an appointment with you to deliver your boxes and packaging materials.

*Specific box delivery days can be found by clicking the name of your college above

How do I select my pick-up date?

At the time of reservation, you will select your move out date. You have the ability to edit your reservation by simply entering in your email address and updating your date and time of your pick up. You are able to edit your reservation at no charge up to 24 hours prior to your date and time. If you need to reschedule within 24 hours, you must call 585-427-8080 and a reschedule fee of $25 will be assessed.

How do I enter my delivery location and time?

After you move out, you will create a new reservation with your move-in location. after clicking next, you will then select your move-in date and time.

When do I schedule my delivery?

You can schedule your delivery, as soon as your pick up has occurred. You simply do this by editing your reservation and then selecting the Move-In date and time. Another option, would be to create a New Reservation. If your Move-In reservation has not been completed by late July, we will email you and remind you to edit your reservation.

Can I specify a precise time for my pickup or delivery?

When you select your pickup and delivery date, you will be able to select a window of time for your pickup or delivery. We will call you prior to the pickup or delivery date to confirm the pickup and to provide an estimated arrival time as closely as we can.

I live off-campus. Can you pickup my things?

Yes, Rochester College Storage can pick up and deliver your belongings to/from your off-campus apartment.

Shipping Questions:

What if I decide to ship some of my stored items?

Just let us know! We will retrieve the items you need to ship, return them to our store where our Certified Packing Experts will pack them to UPS specifications and send them to you via UPS Ground or Air service. Standard packaging rates and UPS shipping rates apply.

Can I ship furniture?

Yes. While some smaller items such as a small nightstand or bookshelf might be able to ship standard UPS, larger items will require a freight shipment. Our Certified Packing Experts can pack and ship just about anything! Please contact us to discuss rates and options.

Do you ship automobiles?

Yes. We have the capability to ship just about anything. Call us for a quote.

Pricing / Payment Questions:

How much does storage cost?

With our unique storage program, we only charge you for the items you store. You don’t pay for storage space that is not used. Our prices are for the entire storage period. There are no recurring monthly fees. The average cost per student is approximately $250 per student. However, this varies by student. Some students have more items than other students. We have 3 storage periods - 5/1 to 8/31, 9/1 to 1/31 and 2/1 to 4/30. If you store for the summer and you need fall storage, you will save 20%.

I don’t see my items on storage rates list, what should I do?

Call us at 585-427-8080 and we can provide you with a quote.

Can I purchase additional declared valuation?

Yes. You may purchase up to $500 of additional declared valuation per storage item, up to a maximum of $2500 for your complete storage order. To purchase storage or shipping declared valuation, enter the value of the contents of the item as the declared value.

What is the cost of the additional declared valuation?

Our prices include the initial $100 worth of valuation per shipped or stored item. The cost for each additional $100 of Declared Value is $3.00.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover or check (with photo ID).

Do you accept cash?

We cannot accept cash.

When is payment due?

Payment is due upon pickup of your items.

Sign-up / Cancellation Questions:

What if I need to cancel my storage reservation?

We understand that plans change! If you need to cancel your storage reservation, please email or call us. The UPS Store reserves the right to charge a "no-show" fee for pickup appointments missed without advance notice. Cancellations will be accepted up to 7 days from the scheduled pick-up date. If you cancel a reservation after boxes and packing materials have been delivered, you will be charged $25 plus the retail rate for all materials delivered.

When can I sign up?

We encourage you to reserve a spot as soon as you know that you will need temporary storage for your belongings. We provide year-round storage.

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Did You Know?

Your Storage Rates include:
  • Boxes
  • Tape
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Labels
  • Curbside Pick-Up*
  • Safe & Secure Storage While You Are Away
  • Curbside Delivery Upon Return*

It's all packed into the price!

Working in Conjunction with Residence Life at:

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  • Nazareth College
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Serving since 2005:

  • SUNY Brockport
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  • University of Rochester



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